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FOODLAB BY ICI&LA: "What would I have gained using FOODLAB Tools for my business creation"

Video by Benoît PLISSON, founder of ICI&LA, a success story of business created following Ecotrophelia competition. CI&LA is a young company founded in September 2014 in Lyon, France. Its main activities are development, industrialisation and commercialisation of vegetarian alternatives to meat made from pulses (legumes) and beans traditionally grown in France, such as green lentils, chickpeas or beans. From these pingredients we make steaks, balls, nuggets, etc.

Presented during our last closing conference, this video show how a tool like FOODLAB can help you to follow the right steps and give you the right advices for your business creation.





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Europe is committed to further stimulate entrepreneurship and encourage an entrepreneurial culture early in the education system. The Foodlab Project is a European initiative. Foodlab is dedicated to the development of a new learning and teaching methodology and the related tools to improve the transversal competences of students and develop entrepreneurship. In order to tackle these issues, the Foodlab consortium is composed of 15 partners from 6 different countries (France, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Spain). The objective of the Foodlab consortium is to share knowledge covering all research, development and production activities towards the delivery of new courses. The Foodlab European Food Business Transfer Laboratory, supported by a Foodlab web-platform, will allow fostering interactions between students and stakeholders in food innovation to improve entrepreneurship in this sector.