The FOODLAB e-learning platform aims to help you with the development of a business using an innovative product based on the entrepreneurial approach.

The different steps and tools in the management of a business development project are specified on the FOODLAB e-learning platform. De facto, these tools (design thinking methodology, business model CANVAS, business plan) are transversal across different sectors, but they may have been modified to give them a more FOOD-related character   through the involvement and orientation of the FOODLAB teams.

Knowing that an entrepreneurial posture must be adopted as soon as the idea emerge, most of these tools should be used before entering into the technical engineering phase.

The aims of the pedagogical approaches introduced all along the FOODLAB e-learning platform are:


  • To overcome the barriers between disciplines thanks to a systemic approach.
  • To highlight flow dynamics in the management of an innovative project.
  • Enhance student autonomy  by auto-evaluation.

* Source of images: David Hawks, 2015, Lean Product Discovery - consulted on 31th May 2017