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The new Czech Business Incubator in Bengaluru, India, will help domestic exporters to overcome the first obstacles in entering the local market and create professional and operational facilities. The CzechTrade agency project and the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises and Tradesmen of the Czech Republic can provide Czech companies with support and information that will reduce their costs of orientation and adaptation to market specificities. It will also help them with the presentation and the search for business partners. Information was provided by the CzechTrade agency in a press release.
Incubator focuses on the areas of automotive, mechanical engineering, aerospace, medical technology, environmental protection and biotechnology. The project originated in India by sixteen Czech companies headed by the AMSP CR in March 2017, organized by the Foreign Office of CzechTrade. "During this visit, businessmen met their Indian partners and evaluated the market potential very positively. The creation of the incubator was not a decision of officials but representatives of small and medium-sized companies interested in business in India, "said Radomil Doležal, CEO of CzechTrade, with the agency responding to the demand of firms and the Indian side subsequently setting up procedures for offering services for Czech companies within the incubator.
In addition to the CzechTrade agency, which is part of the consultancy project, the PUSHPAK company, which provides the necessary background, and the AMSP CR, which is the main intermediary between the incubator and Czech entrepreneurs, is also involved in the incubator operation. The Chairman of the AMSP of the Czech Republic, Karel Havlicek, said that the association perceives India as a country with extraordinary opportunities. "Not only does the mutual trade increase significantly, but India is one of the few major destinations where our direct investment is overtaken. We monitor that our small and medium-sized businesses have recently been systematically seeking Indian partners as co-players for investment activities. That's why we decided to set up our company's second foreign background for our businesses, and after New York, in cooperation with CzechTrade, we set up a business incubator in Bangalore.

More information about this incubator can be found here.