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The Czech Brewery Cluster was established in 2008. The cluster was created for the purpose of cooperation especially of small and medium-sized companies with tertiary sphere in the regions of South, Central Bohemia and Vysočina. The cluster brings together entities that want to innovate, develop and promote new products and lack the human, technical and financial potential to secure the whole process. The cluster's ambition is to co-exist on the market against the increasing competition through the specificity of products produced by traditional Czech practices and innovation activity.
Cluster's vision is to create a functional association of breweries that promotes and supports their interests in the Czech Republic and abroad. To provide cluster members with science and technology background for their projects and to deliver a vision of financial support for their activities and through the development of innovative technologies and manufacturing processes. The aim of the cluster is to ensure the development of sensory-stable, traditional Czech beverages (beer and non-alcoholic beverages) at a higher and European-specific quality level that will significantly contribute to improving the well-being of the Czech and European populations by developing innovative technologies and production processes .
The cluster's goal is to support the perception of Czech beverage quality and health benefits for consumers and to provide Czech beverage producers with an optimized, economically efficient system for the production, sale and joint promotion of regional beers and non-alcoholic beverages. In essence, it is about securing and supporting innovation and development of new beers and traditional regional specialties. Cluster strategy is the involvement of regional authorities in the introduction of a certified brand of healthy and quality Czech beers, including its promotion to consumers throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, especially in the border areas of Austria, Germany. The cluster creates an environment for a faster innovative beer process by involving experts in the field in line with regional tradition and regional specialties production. At the same time, it is expected to increase the export of small and medium-sized companies with a long-term economic effect for the participating cluster members. An essential and necessary element of the project is cooperation with the Brewery and Malt Research Institute in Prague and the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice.

Samson Brewery a.s., Kokořínský pivovar s.r.o., DUDÁK - Měšťanský pivovar Strakonice, a.s., Měšťanský pivovar Havlíčkův Brod a.s., Podkovň, s.r.o., Pivovar Nymburk, spol. s r.o., DUP - cooperative Pelhřimov, Research Institute of Brewing and Malting, a.s., Regional Food Cluster - Chutná hezky. Jihočesky, Aequilibrium, s.r.o., Czech Brewmasters s.r.o., AND-S, s.r.o., Magnos, s.r.o., Tambu s.r.o., Starocesky brewery, s.r.o.

Cluster activities:
Joint purchase of raw materials; Ensuring the diversity of Czech beers on the domestic market; supporting business activities to increase exports; verification of the technology phase; sensory cluster member product profiles; verification of probiotic factors of beer (Evidence Based Medicine); try to create a "typical Czech beer" project; joint promotion; Increasing the professional and professional competence of employees; initial inspection of brewing raw materials - regular, random, pre-sale, etc .; technological audit; certification co-operation - HACCP, ISO, BRC, IFS, etc.

Headquarters - Lidická tř. 458/51, České Budějovice.
Contact: Ing. Jitka Hanzlovská, Cluster Managing Director, tel .: +420 383 312 421, info@pivoklastr.cz
Address:  Czech Brewery Cluster, Lidická tř. 458/51, 370 03 České Budějovice


The project of the Regional Development Agency of South Moravia in cooperation with the Union of Wine Growers of the Czech Republic, supported by OPPP 1.4 Clusters, implementation period: 01-08 / 2005, the subject of the project is to assess the precondition for the operation of South Moravian viticulture and winemaking as a cluster, project activities are focused on initiating discussion in the region to examine the conditions of the cluster initiative as a tool for the further development of winemaking.
In terms of focus, the region is conducting a discussion focused on the development of the following topics: original certification wines, national wine marketing, wine and wine research, wine tourism.
There are 12 companies mainly from the South Moravian Region, 2 universities (Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology).

Contact person:  Michal Solařík, Member of Wine Of Czech Team

Vídeňská 227/2
692 01 Mikulov
Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 773 910 062
Email: michal.solarik@seznam.cz


OMNIPACK Cluster is an open community of cooperating enterprises engaged in the design and manufacture of industrial packaging and other companies in the field of packaging technology , logistics, service organizations and educational institutions.

Cluster mission
OMNIPACK Cluster mission is to increase competitiveness and economic growth entrepreneurs in the field of packaging and logistics services by supporting their innovation activities.
The main principles of the mission is the transformation of knowledge development and research into the environment of cluster members , the strengthening of ties in scientific research and educational institutions and the systematic training of members of the cluster.

Objective Cluster OMNIPACK
The aim of the activities OMNIPACK Cluster is coordinating operational cooperation between members , expansion of existing infrastructure and the creation of tools for more efficient use of internal resources and capacities of the cluster , in order to create a favorable environment for the development of innovative activities , economic growth and increase competitiveness .

Priorities Cluster OMNIPACK :

  • Support innovation activities
  • Strengthening the links between R & D & I and industrial companies in the cluster
  • Support for education of skilled manpower in the cluster
  • Development of standards that strengthen ties between cluster members.

Long-term strategy of the cluster :
Long-term strategy cluster is to be a strong community of cooperating and competing firms from the area of packaging , packaging technology , service organizations , research and educational institutions and encourage and coordinate their cooperation so as to enable an increase in the number of innovations introduced and increase their competitiveness.


The Regional Food Cluster is an open association of South Bohemian small and medium-sized companies active mainly in the food industry, universities, research institutions and the non-profit sector.
The goal of the cluster is to link individual members to the development, production and sales of their products, services, and joint activities. For individual entities, these goals would be more difficult to achieve without cluster synergy.

Current goals:
• Discover forgotten regional historical food products, update and produce them with the help of new technologies and put them on the market.
• With the support of the academic sphere, to develop new functional foods with beneficial and proven effects on the human organism and promote it on the market.
• Promote regional craft small food producers, care for publicity and ensure the placement of their products in the region's presentation events.
• Support of the brand Tasty hezky.Jihočesky in cooperation with the Regional Agrarian Chamber of the South Bohemian Region.