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Bpifrance accompagne les entreprises pour voir plus grand et plus loin. De l'amorçage jusqu'à la cotation en bourse, du crédit aux fonds propres, Bpifrance offre des solutions de financement adaptées à chaque étape de la vie de votre entreprise





The National Agency of Research was created in 2005, has as mission the implementation of the financing of research on plans in France. On a mode of competitive selection, which respects international standards, the agency becomes attached in :


  • Contribute to the development of sciences and of technologies
  • Favor creativity, opening up, emergences and partnerships
  • Target research efforts at economic priorities and societal defined at the highest level of the State and in cooperation with order actors of research
  • Encourage correlations between disciplines
  • Intensify links public-private

ANR has as mission to manage big programs of investments of the State in fields of higher education and of research, and to follow their implementation






FranceAgriMer was created in 2009, with the help Fusion of five agricultural services (Ofimer, Service of the breeding, ONIGC, Onippam and Viniflhor), FranceAgriMer, national establishment of the products of the agriculture and the sea under the supervision of the State, with the ministry of agriculture, of food processing industry and of forest.

These missions consist in favoring cooperation within the courses of study of agriculture and of forest, in assuring knowledge and organization of markets, as well as in managing national and community public aid.