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 Magyar Iparszövetség "Inkubátorháza" 

The aim of the OKISZ Incubator House is to create a supportive environment that reduces the risk of failure and development for newly established and young growing businesses, especially in the critical, early stages of their life cycle.

The incubator house helps businesses operate, provides space and services for their growth, helps them to engage more effectively in circulation of the economy, and encourages closer cooperation with business services and enterprise development institutions by providing information and services.

The project was funded by the European Union, under the New Hungary Development Plan (ÚMFT), co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.





Aquincum Incubator is one of the leading startup development centers in Hungary. The incubator was founded by Hungarian and American entrepreneurs, business angels and experts who have launched, managed and successfully exited from a series of startups in Hungary, in Central Europe and in the USA. Our incubator is a unique, structured meeting platform between startups, business angels and competitive business entities.

The aim of the Aquincum Incubator is to help passionate and visionary technology entrepreneurs showcase their early stage projects and become successful in international markets, by making its knowledge base, investment capital and broad relationship network available to them.