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AEBAN is the Association of Business Angels networks in Spain. Established in November 2008 under the protection of Law 1/2002, AEBAN's main mission is to promote the activity of Business Angels and Business Angels networks in Spain.
AEBAN currently associates a total of 38 Business Angels networks with headquarters in 11 Autonomous Communities. These networks in turn associate close to 2,000 investors who in the last year mobilized resources worth € 40 million.



Our company`s main asset are the good ideas. Those from the entrepreneurs like you and ours, which have a good base, knowledge, the right experience and a rigorous business plan to implement them.

We will not be fooled, this is business. Our time and investment are not free, we seek to get the maximum return, as all other Business Angels or Venture Capitals.
What sets us apart: Our commitment to innovative projects that generate high added value to society, creating jobs in a stable matter.

Because your business it is as important for us, as all the people who will trust it.

Our team has 20 years of international experience, undertaking, investing and developing businesses in Spain, France, Ireland, Germany, the U.S. and Vietnam. They also impart classes and speak at conferences at the Toulouse Business, teaching Entrepreneurship, Business Plan, business strategy seminars and business games.