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It is a non-profit foundation created to implement innovative methodologies and technological systems that effectively meet the demands and needs of the olive sector.
CITOLIVA responds to these challenges identified through years of professional experience, through the professionalization and introduction of innovative and technological strategies in the oil and olive sector.
CITOLIVA's vocation has always been to develop a new way of doing things and using market and sector research to obtain useful information, in terms of technology and innovation, that helps in the decision-making process, the creation of value and the sectoral projection.

CLUSTER of olive oil in Andalusia.


INNOVACC (Catalan Association of innovation in the pig meat industry) is a business association that represents the cluster of Catalan pig meat sector which aims to promote business competitiveness through innovation and cooperation.

The association belongs to the register of Associations of Innovative Enterprises (Asociaciones de Empresas Innovadoras (AEI)), of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism in Catalonia inside the Catalonia cluster program of ACC1Ó,  and has the European Cluster Excellence Bronze Label of  European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis.

INNOVACC is composed by a group of companies and institutions that come together voluntarily and freely to get, non-profit, a purpose of general or particular interest with the desire to share their knowledge, activities and / or financial resources. The association is autonomous, has its own personality and its internal organization and operation must be democratic, with full respect for pluralism.