Vesage - 2015 - HUNGARY 

Ecotrophelia Europe 2015: 1st prize

University: Szent István UniversitySzent István 

VeSage is a vegetable based cold-cut of high nutritional value, pioneer of a new category among cold-cuts. It is composed of healthy ingredients exceptionally, with herbs, spices and eggs added, which are responsible for the characterization of taste and texture. It is a perfect match with cheese and meat products in a sandwich, or on the side of other foods, and as opposed to fresh vegetables, it does not wet the bread. It is completely free of gluten, lactose, soy and additives, low on calories, and at the same time, has high amounts of vitamins and fibres, therefore VeSage is a perfect source of nutrients for vegetarians and individuals suffering from coeliac disease or lactose intolerance as well. VeSage is not just a meat replacer, but a product offering a more practical handling of vegetables. Besides, as it has high amounts of essential amino-acids, it is apt to counter the protein deficit of a vegetarian diet. We found Vesage Food Industry and Developer General Partnership to launch VeSage on the food market.




 Ici & Là - 2015 - FRANCE 

Ecotrophelia Europe 2013: Gold Award

School: ISARA Lyon

In 2013, the ISARA Lyon students developed an eco-innovative range of frozen ready cooked meals made from green lentils. They worked in partnership with the AGIS Company based in Avignon. After having won the gold prize in the French and European category, two young students- Emmanuel Bréhier and Benoît Plisson chose to create Ici&Là, a food company oriented by innovation. In March 2015, Ici&Là were appointed Ambassador of Pavilion France for the Milan Universal Expo in 2015. The company have developed, with the help of a chef, steaks, nuggets and croquettes with a pulse base of chick peas, beans and lentils. They have been branded "Le Boucher Vert".


 Yummix - 2016 - SPAIN 

Kiva Foods S.L.

When it was still a project, Kiva Foods was selected to participate in the third edition of Impulso Emprendedor, a program promoted by the Government of Navarre to encourage and launch business initiatives; And later in the business accelerator Orizont, promoted in turn by Sodena (Society for the Development of Navarra), to create companies of reference in the agri-food sector. At the moment, Kiva is a young company whose main activity is the research and development and later commercialization of natural and practical foods, designed to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding consumer. Flavour, health and practicality are our motto..




 Sorbos - 2016 - SPAIN 

University : Universitat de Barcelona

SORBOS is the first edible & flavoured straw, created by young company that began in Barcelona with the goal of reinventing the way to enjoy a drink.

In order to develop the innovative formulation of this eco-friendly product, SORBOS worked closely with the Food Technology department of the Universitat de Barcelona; without such a cooperation, nothing would have been possible.

We are SORBOS, we are eco!



 Pronuts - 2015 - BELGIUM 

Ecotrophelia Belgium 2015: 1st prize

School: Haute Ecole Charlemagne

What is ProNuts? It’s a plant-based, lactose-free spread made from nuts that can be used as an alternative for cream cheese. The creamy spread can be added in a dish, or simply smeared on a slice of bread or on a cracker. ProNuts offers many nutritional benefits; it’s rich in fibers, vitamins and proteins. In addition, the present level of unsaturated fatty acids has a lot of positive health benefits. Furthermore, ProNuts is produced in a fully sustainable way.

Who is ProNuts? Behind ProNuts are Sarah and Youri, two students from Haute Ecole Charlemagne. In 2015.

ProNuts participated at Ecotrophelia, an innovation competition organized by FEVIA, the federation of the Belgian food industry. After winning Ecotrophelia Belgium, ProNuts represented Belgium at Ecotrophelia Europe during the Expo2015 Milano. Even though they didn’t won, they came back with a lot experience and brilliant ideas. Shortly after, Sarah and Youri joined VentureLab, an organization that supports future entrepreneurs setting up their own business.



 Minigloo - 2016 - FRANCE 

Ecotrophelia France 2016: 2nd Prize

School: AgroParisTech

Minigloo is a new range of organic frozen dairy dessert for kids from 1 to 3 years old. With two flavors based on Vanilla with a mini drop of orange blossom or a mini drop of maple syrup, you can choose the flavor that will make your child blossom.

The project was developed within a close partnership with Yooji, a major actor in the Baby food industry.

After being awarded the second prize of the Ecotrophelia France competition, Yooji bought the patent and is now ready to launch the product on the market.



 Ajdova dekl'ca - 2016 - SLOVENIA 


Ecotrophelia Slovenia 2016: 1st prize

School: Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Primorska

Company: Rokmar d.o.o.


Ajdova dekl'ca, a new buckwheat and sour cream ice cream with honey.
Students from the Faculty of Health Sciences have decided to improve the product by contacting a known Slovenian ice cream producer - Rokmar d.o.o. Company. In this way, they had the chance to work on real machinery.
The team used Slovenian traditional ingredients and showed good potential in market breakthrough.







 Promi - 2015 - SLOVENIA 

Ecotrophelia Slovenia 2015 : 1st prize

School: Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana

Company: Mlekarna Celeia d.o.o.


Promi, high protein dairy pot from Slovenia.
During the product-developing phase, students, members of the PROMI team were studying at Biotechnical faculty, Faculty of Economic, Faculty of Social Sciences and Academy of Art and Modelling. They decided to collaborate with one of Slovenian leading dairy company – Mlekarna Celeia d.o.o.
They made a quality product that was a result of a good collaboration between the faculty and a food company.





 Chléb - Ječno ~ Ovesný - 2016 - CZECH REPUBLIC 

Company: PRO-BIO, obchodní společnost. s.r.o.

School: Food Research Institute Prague 


Chléb - Ječno ~ Ovesný is a baking mixture for barley-oat bread with high content of fibre and beta-glucans.
The product was developed together by the Food Research of Prague and PRO-BIO, first Czech producer and an important supplier of a wide range of high-quality organic food.
The product was developed for participating to the competition “Award of Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic for the best innovative food product”.
The product is now successfully on the market