" There can be an innovation that will be a success in the short term if it is a little bit of a gadget but it will never be a long-term innovation if it does not meet an important need of the population. Once we have understood this need we will have to understand how to transfer it into a product, a service that will meet this need. Innovation constantly comes from the outside; through our collaboration with industry, with academy, by integrating young talents who were trained in this context in our research centers. This is where the collaboration with the universities will start, trying to understand what technologies we need, what scientific knowledge we need, so Ecotrophelia is like an incubator, ultimately, linking all of these connections, so it was natural that Nestlé support Ecotrophelia. "

Alexandre VOIRIN, Head of consumer Centricity in Nestle R&D (Switzerland)



" For us, Ecotrophelia plays the role of structuring industry and bringing together different players: industrialists, big industrialists, start-ups and innovative SMEs and the innovation funders that we are. "


Isabelle De Crémoux, President of the Board of Seventure Partners (France)




 " There is not a single answer but many possible models because the keys to success are multiple:

- Identify the capabilities and constraints of the company,
- Avoid litigious intellectual property and prefer pre-competitive fundamental research,
- Follow the rules of intellectual property and the publication of the results,
- Evaluate the long-term benefits. "

Peter Lillford, Consultant at the University of Birmingham (UK)




" By developing the product PROMI, students who represented Slovenia on Ecotrophelia Europe 2015 competition demonstrated that by working in team it can be achieved a lot. They developed an excellent product from sensorial point of view, with attractive packaging and in totally in line with actual legal requirements. It is a great achievement if you consider that innovators are students! Thus, Ecotrophelia again proved to be a good jumping board in creating a professional career in food industry. I wish them they could make a good use of it "


Dr. Petra MEDVED DJURAŠINOVIĆSenior consultant at CCIS-Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises (Slovenia)



" The best eco-innovation of Ecotrophelia Slovenia 2016 is a product, named AJDOVA DEKL’CA – ice cream made form buckwheat, with sour milk and honey flavour. It is a functional food, as it represent a good source of calcium and proteins. The product has a unique combination of buckwheat and sour milk, which represents a novelty on Slovenian market. The innovative component of the product is calcium powder, obtained from eggshells, which has a high biological value. Students has the possibility to upgrade the product to be totally in line with current food legislation. As organizer of the national competition we offer them a total support and help in order to establish an even better and fruitful collaboration with possible investors."

Dr. Tatjana ZAGORC, Director CCIS-Chamber of Agricultural and Food Enterprises, Head of National Jury (Slovenia)