VIRTUAL CONFERENCE - November 9th 2017, 2pm - 5pm CET
"Sharing Experiences about Entrepreneurship"



This free virtual conference is organized by the two Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance projects EuFooD-STA, a knowledge alliance between universities and food companies, and FoodLab, a project that aims to support and foster entrepreneurship in the EU.

The aim of this conference is to collect testimonials from young business creations. By presenting their success stories and failures, the challenges or difficulties they have faced while launching their businesses, speakers will share their experience and help young entrepreneur students to launch their own business.




Moderator :       Christian PINEAU (ISARA, FR)

2:00-2:30: Welcome and short presentations about:

  • EuFooD-STA - Gerhard Schleining, BOKU, AT
  • FoodLab - Benoit Cuillière, CCI Vaucluse, FR

2:30-4:45: Testimonials from young business entrepreneurs

  • 2:30: Plisson, B - Organic meat alternative products 100% vegetal, Le boucher vert, FR
  • 2:45: Germain, E – Pickles, Les 3 chouettes - FR
  • 3:00: Martinez-Monzó, J – Snack, Diseño de Alimentos - ES
  • 3:15: Belso-Candela, C – Egg Gourmet, Cayetano Belso - ES
  • 3:30: Maurel, A – Ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables, Vertu – FR
  • 3:45: Gripon, V – Wuji and co., scientific software – FR
  • 4:00: Svacinka, R – Connecting people in the food sector with high-tech, foodintegritystudio – AT
  • 4:15: Stadler, S – Goldsonne GmbH – AT

4:30-5:00: Overall discussion – conclusions

You can find the recordings of all the testimonials/presentations on our educational platform (registration is Free).