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Strategic Research Innovation Partnership SRIP HRANA

SRIP HRANA is a strategic research-innovation partnership for sustainable food production. SRIP HRANA wants to become a national central point aimed to collaborate and integrate ambitious and development-driven stakeholders in the field of agriculture, food and related fields. In order to achieve greater competitiveness, growth and progress of the agro-food sector through innovation activities and integration, SRIP HRANA action plan identifies five key priorities that are closely interrelated: Raw materials and sustainable use of resources (1), Smart process design and process control (2) Advanced equipment and technology for food production and processing (3), Hygiene, safety and food quality (4) and Food, nutrition and consumer (5). SRIP HRANA represents a central platform of a dynamic community of agricultural holdings, enterprises, associations, research and development institutions, investors and other stakeholders whose main focus is to target the intensification of development and research activities for industry needs. One of key challenges for SRIP HRANA is how to encourage a greater number of SMEs along the whole agro-food chain to establish a business model that focuses on the importance of innovation and research in the development of integrated products and services. SRIP HRANA is specific because it aims to raise the developmental orientation of all the potential chains in food production and food processing. Only a consortium of members of this kind can contribute to finding common solutions on identified priority areas of research, as well as knowledge transfer and overall agro-food chain management. SRIP HRANA will have a long-term positive influence for the agro-food sector, as well as positive business indicators, innovation breakthrough and rise of competitiveness.