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  Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI) 

Mission of Ljubljana University Incubator is to offer “personal entrepreneurship coaches” who help entrepreneurs and everyone who would like to become one – to test their ideas in industry. LUI changes the conditions for the establishment and development of innovative enterprises.

They offer a perfect working environment where:

  • Promising start-up companies utilize cutting-edge knowledge generated within the University of Ljubljana;
  • Technological progress abides;
  • Knowledge and technologies are transferred to industry;
  • Interdisciplinary teams generate interdisciplinary knowledge;
  • New jobs are created.

With the goal and in concurrence with worldwide trends of boosting entrepreneurship amongst the student and academic staff, University of Ljubljana (UL) has founded Ljubljana University Incubator (LUI) in 2004.




  University Development Center and Primorska Incubator (UIP) d.o.o 

University Development Center and Primorska Incubator (UIP) d.o.o. is a leading start-up and entrepreneurial support environment in Slovenian Istria and beyond, which connects and stimulates entrepreneurship and the development of innovative services and products through various development networks and by connecting with different industries. Among the many entrepreneurial ideas it promotes in particular innovative, knowledge-based and market-oriented ideas, which through the incubation process offer comprehensive support for the development of the idea and the creation of new start-ups with added value. In providing support for the most efficient transfer of knowledge and linking the academic sphere and economy, the UIP works closely with numerous educational and research institutions, notably the University of Primorska, which is also the founder of the incubator.




  University Incubator Tovarna Podjemov 

University Incubator Tovarna podjemov is an incubator established by University of Maribor and an important element in the innovation ecosystem aimed at promoting and supporting the entrepreneurial engagement of students, researchers and professors of the University of Maribor as well as other individuals.

The company operates under the "Entrepreneurship and Innovation" pillar of the consortium named RAZ:UM, created by the University of Maribor. Within the framework of the pillar they offer different programs and services to consortium partners to promote the protection of intellectual property and to find solutions for its successful commercialization in the context of cooperation with existing companies (licensing, sale of intellectual property rights, contract research and research in cooperation with industry), and by setting up and developing new start-ups (especially spin-out and spin-off companies).

Under the consortium, the firm carries out programs for the promotion of entrepreneurship, advising (potential) entrepreneurs and incubating start-ups (spin-off and spin-out).