The Winners of Ecotrophelia 2016 Europe

The European Food Innovation Student Awards finals were held on 16th and 17th October 2016 as part of the SIAL in Paris. The jury, chaired by Mrs. Ariane ANDRES, Head of Academic Alliances, Nestlé Research Center (Lausanne), distinguished four particularly innovative products among the 15 finalists:

  • ECOTROPHELIA Europe Gold prize is awarded to France for "CarréLéon" (culinary aid): the natural and simple culinary aid that enhances your everyday dishes!
  • ECOTROPHELIA Europe Silver prize is awarded to Belgium for "Specornoos", the innovation ice cream cone with a surprising speculoos flavor and crispiness.
  • ECOTROPHELIA Europe Bronze prize is awarded to United Kingdom for "Från-Början", an all-natural, sustainable and indulgent non-dairy alternative to traditional ice cream.
  • The Special Innovation Award, funded by the Conseil Departmental de Vaucluse, is awarded to Germany for "Eatapple", an edible fruity drinking straw containing pomace, a by-product of the juice industry.

All food innovations presented in ECOTROPHELIA Europe were designed by students from Universities in collaboration with National Food Federations.


International conference on Food Innovation

For the first time, three agri-food projects – FooD-STA, FOODLAB and IDEFI-ECOTROPHELIA – jointly organized an international conference on university enterprise partnerships on 18th October 2016 in Paris.

The congress was organized around numerous conferences and round tables on the challenges of food innovation and the competitiveness of companies, and enjoyed the contribution of 20 international speakers.

In conclusion of this very rich day, Gilles Trystram, director of AgroParisTech, highlighted the following:

  • The time needed to validate any food innovation, particularly in terms of safety,
  • The major changes that are at work: rapid growth of the world population, changing needs and expectations and therefore the need to immerse oneself in the reality of consumers,
  • From the university point of view, the need to be more reactive and innovative, to find new ways of working together and to develop this spirit of innovation, by renewing the model of education,
  • From the industrial point of view, the importance of linking to science and technology, the connection with the talents of tomorrow but also of cross-sectorial approaches.



Invitation for Ecotrophelia Europe 2017

Ecotrophelia 2017 will take place on 21st and 22nd November 2017 during the Food Matters Live exhibition at the ExCeL Centre in London, United Kingdom.

Organizers of National Competitions are invited to register for the ECOTROPHELIA Europe 2017 competition before 31st May 2017.

A maximum of 20 countries can participate: registrations will be accepted on a first-come first serve basis.

For more information see


New dissemination tools

A web tool to describe Ecotrophelia Spain has been created, with an attractive infographic in which related projects like Foodlab were included allowing students to use the different and useful tools of the projects to improve their skills in innovation, entrepreneurship or communication.  Visit


Foodlab work in progress: database soon accessible

One of the goals of FoodLab project is to set-up a multinational database of national networks of companies in food business, aimed to map competences, needs, previous and ongoing innovating projects, thus facilitating contacts between actors in HEI, industry and broader socio-economic actors.

The database creation activity is well advanced; access to the public will soon be announced in the next Newsletter.