Concours Ecotrophelia Europe Student Agri-food Innovation Awards

Foodlab's history is linked with ECOTROPHELIA.

ECOTROPHELIA, the European Food Innovation Students Awards, is a competition that brings the worlds of higher education, research and the food industry together around the creation of an innovative food project.

Since 2011 ECOTROPHELIA Europe has prompted the organization of 75 national competitions, mobilized more than 550 universities and almost 3,000 students resulting in the development of more than 350 products !

Today 20 European countries are involved in ECOTROPHELIA Europe. With the support of FoodDrinkEurope ECOTROPHELIA brings together companies, teachers and researchers, laboratories and technical centers and future engineers to develop food innovation. Despite the success of the initiative, the technical quality of projects and growing needs in terms of innovation, there are too few business transfers (35 projects marketed out of 350 projects since 2011).

Students and universities have difficulties to grasp the reality of the market and the industrial constraints because of learning approaches that are too different between SMEs and universities. They do not fully integrate industrial concerns.

In conclusion, the food industry has many challenges ahead including the dissemination of innovation and new business creations through  the entrepreneurship of European youth.