Newsletter n. 1 - October 2015    


This project will develop a project-based learning approach and an entrepreneurial spirit in students, foster interactions between stakeholders in Food and Drink (referred to from here on as Food) innovation and guide the development of innovative projects.
The FOODLAB project will enable the setting up of a European Foodbusiness Transfer Laboratory supported by a shared web-platform centralizing ad hoc learning and training contents/tools/guidelines to create/help future entrepreneurs, with dedicated modules to promote interactions with food companies, technical centers or business angels (Innofood database and forum). The scope of dissemination in this project is wide-reaching considering the implication of national Food federations and the support of the European Technology Platform Food for Life.
Main benefits for European society are: creation of durable bridges between academia and food business stakeholders, development of entrepreneurial skills through guided self-learning, increasing student employability by SMEs, and improvement of innovation transfer to business in a sector in search of competitiveness enhancement. Read more


FOODLAB - Foodbusiness network database

An Innofood database containing food industry association data, technology park data, existing food clusters, profile of companies interested in the food innovation, keywords, topics, projects and food innovation developed, including all ECOTROPHELIA products made since the start of the competition will be implemented and published on the project web platform. This tool will be useful because will allow a mapping of competences, needs, previous and ongoing innovating projects in order to facilitate contacts between actors in HEI, industry and broader socio-economic actors.
Click here to send an email and express your interest in the candidature of your organisation, innovation, company, etc. in the forthcoming Innofood database.



"Soon a survey will be launched in order to identify the expertise and competences necessary within the European Foodbusinness Transfer Laboratory (EFTL) for successful innovation transfer! Students, teachers and SMEs will be called to express their view!"


Special EXPO 2015

F OODLAB project at the Milan EXPO: a great experience.

The Universal Exhibition Milan 2015 takes place from May 1st to October 31st 2015 on the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life". On Thursday 2nd July 2015, on the Milan EXPO- Europe Pavilion, a conference has been organized on the theme 'Innovation as part of educating the future workforce of the food and drink industry' to promote the benefits of the Ecotrophelia competition and the FOODLAB project. 


Benefit for users

Students & teachers: an open license to universities will allow the free access to all the educational contents.
Entrepreneurs/startups: contents and data will be made available to develop entrepreneurship and help young people to overcome their concerns about starting a company in the food sector.
SMEs/industrials: as lifelong learning is one of our aims within the FOODLAB project, industrials will be able to access to most of the content developed through licensing or paying services.

The project will implement the following actions:


Erasmus plus
FoodLab is a Knowledge Alliance
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